Recap: Day 3

Pretty uneventful day today, very slow at work and the coffee cravings haven’t let up yet.  But my sleep is going well and I’m feeling pretty good throughout the day.  I should really work on finding something everyday to take a picture of so that these posts seem more exciting.  I’m realizing trying to write everyday that now that the summer season is coming to a close my life is not nearly as exciting as one might hope.  Here are just a few thoughts for the day though:

-Coffee is good and I really wish I could have more of it.

-My cravings other than coffee really aren’t that strong.

-My workouts are much better with the extra sleep.

-I’m already seeing results from just a few days.

-I still don’t know how long I’ll be here, my final date is not set so I could be here into October.

-I’m really enjoying the extra day in the gym, I’m going to stay at 6 days a week for a while now.


That’s it for today, but tomorrow I’ll make sure to find something to take a good picture of so this post has a little more “jazz” to it.


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