Day 2

The second day strict is coming to a close and already I can tell that in some ways this is going to be a long month.  I don’t know why but today was much harder to stay away from the coffee pot than yesterday was.  Maybe I was running on some leftover coffee that hadn’t left my system from Sunday yet, but today I didn’t feel like I was tired, but did miss having that cup of coffee with me during the day.  Food wise it was another uneventful day.  I stayed strict and while i had a few cravings I was able to keep myself from them.  The battle of the cravings will continue for a few more days I’m sure, today I avoided the issue by spending almost four hours at the gym between doing my work and then hanging around for the next class to cheer them on.  I thought about doing their WOD with them, but the idea of a second round of 100 burpees kept me from taking that challenge on.  The rest of this week has me at work, so my snacking shouldn’t be an issue, and I’ve got another three days of workouts to knock out before I’ll take a rest day on Saturday.  Nothing like a six workout week to keep you going.  I think that the month will be really good for me, and so far I’m thinking that this is going to be no sweat.


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