Goals for the project

Goals for the next month:

  • Learn more about myself in how that I’m using the food that I take in every day.
  • Feel more rested, everyday
  • Have a new appreciation for how far I’ve come, be able to use that when I feel like I’m failing.
  • Crush a few PRs.
  • Develop the habit of reflection at the end of each day.
  • Be more disciplined in regards to not snacking just because I can.

And let’s be honest I’m doing this to:

  • Look good naked.
  • Make the ladies swoon.

Shallow as that sounds it’s an important part, because who doesn’t want to look good naked?  Tonight before I head to bed I’ll post my before pictures for the month.  I’ll also be posting more often for the next month, at least every other day with highlights from the previous day or two and general updates on how I’m feeling.  Expect to have many more pictures up on the blog too. 


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