Bringing things into the present

                So far I have talked about stories that have happened in the last year, and I will still do that as part of my writing here.  The last couple weeks I have felt a pull to bring things into the present, and talk about my life today and how it is different from before, as well as the daily struggles that come around.  This is going to be the first post that talks about my life today, and at least one post a week will be that way.  Yesterday I picked up my copy of Practical Paleo, I got it not only because the author is an awesome lady that I have had some dealings with via twitter, but also because for my last month in Pennsylvania I am headed back strict.  I thought that I would outline what that will cover here since for the next month I’ll be doing some extra posts to talk about how going back to strict for a month is treating me.  “Project Sexybeast” as I’ve just decided to call it is 4 weeks long and will end just before I move back home to see everyone in Illinois.  The basics of the program will center on four things: retooling my food intake, going to 6 days/wk of programming, getting better sleep, reflection on the last year.


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