Week 3

Two weeks in and the Open had been humbling in many ways. Over the previous months I had begun to develop a pretty impressive self-confidence about my weight loss. More often I was taking on the WODs without scaling, and my strength was way up. This third week was going to be another challenge for me. The workout was eighteen minutes, so my endurance was put to the test. Also it had two things that I was not the best at. I had just in the past couple weeks started doing all my box jumps at the normal height of 24” for this workout I’d need to complete 15 of them each round. Following that up was a 115lb push press. No big deal there, I’m strong enough to knock those out. But to end the triplet was Toes to Bar, 9 of them. I still was not very good at those either. But I took on the movements and came away with a score that I didn’t even think that I would get. A short 18 minutes later I had my score, 162 reps. I was happy because I had wanted to break 150 and had done so. I pushed myself hard and came away with a little gift from the box that I was jumping on. I tore into my shin with the corner of the box and it was deep. Not as deep as some others that I saw but it’s still there and it has been months now. I’ll forever carry around the scar of conquering week 3 of the open. It was and is an amazing feeling. This was not the first time that I had gone into a workout unsure of my abilities but yet again my body was telling me that it had more in it than I might have thought. Each round I was asking my body to do things that just a few months ago would have been impossible. At that point my maximum height that I was getting on a box jump wasn’t more than a few inches higher than the one I was doing sets of during the workout. Hanging below the bar I had just started to get to the point where I could put a few Toes to Bar together without having to stop and reset, but here I was doing sets of nine each round. More and more I was coming to the realization that my body was on board with my new lifestyle. That the work in the gym and the work outside of the gym through my eating and lifestyle habits were paying off. I knew that I would need to keep it going but I was amazed at just how far I had come. And all of this in less than nine months….


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