Open Wk 2

Being a bigger guy the first week of the Open was not going to get me very far in the competition, but I hoped that week two would be a little better. The fact that I had never really attempted to do the Snatch did not deter me. Week two was going to be a bit more for me, I liked to lift heavy stuff and here for week 2 the structure of the workout was to do a Snatch ladder. Ten minutes to work as far as I could through, the first thirty reps at 75lbs, the second 30 at 135lbs, the last thirty at 165lbs, and if I got that far 210lbs for any extra reps. Looking at it I was confident that I could get through into the 135lbs stage and it was a question of how far I’d be able to go. I practiced some in the days leading up to my attempt and figured out that I could do 135 but it was pretty close to the max that I could do. So it was time to attempt, Brian and I set up and I got ready to start. I flew through the 75lb reps. I was able to muscle snatch them, and then with about nine minutes left it was time to get through the 135 reps. On the first attempt I got through 10 good Snatches, I would try again and I got 14 reps. My final score for the week was 44 reps. Not bad for a guy that hadn’t done the movement before that week. Another week down, this time I learned to Snatch, made lots of dirty jokes and even did better than what I would’ve thought. I had a dream goal of hitting all 30 in the second level of the ladder, but I knew that I would have to get lucky to get all those. I had some new confidence, I was ready to take on the next three weeks and confront what was in front of me. The people at Capital City were very supportive, and their cheers as I moved through the challenge were a huge driving force. I was two weeks in, and getting ready to take on the next three. The Open was underway, and it was an exciting time for not just me but thousands of athletes around the world.


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