Competing in the Open week 1

In 2012 for my birthday my friends Tony and Kristi decided to pay my entry to compete in the Crossfit Open. I would come to wonder if it was out of love or a secret hate for me that they subjected me to the workouts of the Open. Each week would bring a new challenge, five weeks and five workouts.

Set up for the attempt, had to touch the ring

The first of which was a simple in theory. Seven minutes, as many burpees as you can do. With each rep you had to jump and touch something six inches above my reach to make sure I was doing the movement properly.  This one was definitely not one that I was going to excel at but I believed that I would do okay. Definitely designed for the smaller guys I knew that my score would not be among the top scores in my region. Five weeks to test myself against other people around the world. I had no dreams that I would be going to California in the Summer for the Games, but I wanted to see how I ranked against others. Going into the first week I watched the video and tried to make a plan for later in the week. Come Thursday it was time for me to tackle the WOD. I did what I originally planned to be my first attempt, with the plan that I was just going to go hard till I couldn’t go anymore. Needless to say it wasn’t the most well thought out of plans. In the seven minutes I was able to put together a decent performance, I did a total of 66. I went out as fast as I could, and in the end I died about halfway through and my conditioning showed that it was not ready to tackle the level of the open workouts. I would try the workout again on Sunday morning. The second attempt I had a plan I was going to try for 12 burpees each minute for the seven minutes. If I had stayed to that plan I would’ve hit 84, I came close but the last two minutes I wasn’t able to keep up and in the end I got the same score as on the first attempt. I had begun a journey that would last for another four weeks, I would attempt new movements, and find myself moving forward with new confidence. Looking back on the first week I wasn’t mentally prepared for the challenges that were in front of me. Having come so far in such a short time I was overconfident, but the first week was a gut check. Coming back I had to answer the call.


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