Hitting a new PR

Tuesday was a banner day for me, 3 different lifts had a PR. It was an amazing day, and one that was most needed. I hit the mountaintop, and it felt good. Immediately following the workout I sent messages to friends announcing my awesomeness and telling them all that they could line up later in the evening to bow before me. It is really easy to get yourself worked up after hitting a PR, and I for one believe that you need to take pride in these days. Understanding the role of the days that you break through the barriers is important in helping to keep yourself motivated when things go bad. Today I walked on the mountaintop; I won’t always be here but while I am the most will be made of it.

            Hitting a new PR is a beautiful thing, and it should be savored, so I wanted to share how I celebrate my PR lifts.  First I log my workouts so when I have a day with a PR then it’s gets noted just like every other workout.  I make sure to mark that it was a PR, and like every day I write a couple notes about the workout.  Except that this time there is a huge line that notes what I did and I make sure that it’s large enough that I’ll notice it whenever I’m going through the book to get to whatever day I am on.  Going past days that have been marked as PR days I can see where I’ve been doing well.  On other days those notes serve as a way for me to take encouragement from my lifts, and see how I have progressed over the course of the last few weeks.  There will be day’s ahead, days that do not go so well and finding support in your good days is important.

            Secondly the days that you do well help to push you to be better.  I know this seems simple but it’s true.  Today I hit my first PR on my first part of my lifts.  That success pushed me forward to try for heavier weights in the next movement, and then later to start heavier and push further again.  I can trace my success in the second two movements to my success in the first.  Pushing past barriers can and does increase confidence not only that day but in the days moving forward.  Keeping the momentum going from a day like today is important, but taking a moment to celebrate is also essential.

            Stopping for a minute to celebrate is a big part of my process when I hit a PR.  There are different ways to accomplish this but for me it’s pretty simple.  My celebration was to have some applesauce as a dessert after dinner.  Having a big post PR meal, and then following that up with the sweetness of the applesauce makes for a great PR night meal.  There’s little that I’ve been crushing on more lately that organic unsweetened applesauce with a huge helping of Cinnamon mixed in.  Pair that with some coffee and you have a recipe for a great evening Paleo treat.  Coming home I had a great evening of West Wing, coffee, and great food.  Pushing my motivation levels even higher.  Wednesday is a rest day for me and I’ll enjoy that like no other.  Then come Thursday it’s right back at it.  Taking on the day and pushing myself to be the best that I can.  I know that not everyday will be as awesome as today was, but I know that these are the days that I need to look back on when things get tough.


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