The Pull-up

            It took me a while but I finally got one, after months of practice I got my first pull-up in the fall.  Starting Crossfit in July I was unable to do a pull-up on my own, and at the beginning I had to use the largest band to pull me up.  Over the course of the next few months I not only got lighter, but I also became stronger.  Working on getting better at pull-ups and practicing my kip I was so close to doing at pull-up but couldn’t quite get my chin above the bar.  For a long time it seemed as though it was just a little outside my abilities.  I spent a lot of workouts using bands to help me complete the movement, but slowly the colors changed.  As those colors changed and the assistance being offered got less and less I was getting closer to getting my first real pull up.  Eventually as the fall progressed I started to feel like I was getting really close.  The holidays were approaching and I was really pushing towards getting a pull-up on my own.  I had come in second in the paleo challenge the month before and really wanted another feather in my cap as I was getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving.  My active recovery days had become skill transfer days.  Every Thursday I came into the box, ready to do a little rowing and mobility and then work on getting a pull up.  Every week I would do some kipping and then work on the pull ups.  Then on November 19th I was really close.  I had been trying and trying and was about to head home when the consensus among the group is that I should give it one more shot.  A few tries, and a few pointers and I finally had it.  Brian was busy with some other people there so he missed the first one, but the iPhone came out and a very blurry picture was taken of my first ever pull up.  I couldn’t believe it, finally after trying for months and months I had done a pull-up.  It would be a long time before I was doing workouts without the band, but I had finally gotten myself over the bar. 

            Getting a pull-up was a huge deal for me in terms of my confidence.  As a large guy doing pull ups just were not a part of my skill set.  Even at my best I could never do pull ups, so at 29 I had done my first pull up, and in the months that followed I have done many more.  But that first one sticks out in my head, a great accomplishment in getting better.  It sticks out in my head as one of the best parts of my fall, and moving forward I was thankful for all the encouragement that my friends at Capital City had given me up to that point, and in the months since.  To this day I’m still working on my pull ups, but it has been a steady progression of getting better and better.  One day I’ll be able to break 20 in a row, but for now I just chip away at them.  This is just one of the many things that would have brought a laugh if I told myself that I was going to do one in my first six months of Crossfit, but my body got on board and encouragement from friends helped push the pace of my development.  It’s odd to think now that I grab onto the bar and get to work without much thought about how new an ability it really is.


2 thoughts on “The Pull-up

  1. I know the feeling of getting your first pull-up…makes you feel like you can take on the world…I wil never forgetting first, either!!

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