Setting yourself up for success

Over the course of the last year I have had many opportunities to learn lessons both the easy and hard way about planning out my meals. To not prepare is to set yourself up for failure and I have seen this happen all too easily many times. With that in mind this blog is about passing along a few lessons that I have learned in order to hopefully help you avoid some of these mistakes. First is to find a few recipes you love and put them into a rotation. Following that is to try new things, and lastly to enjoy yourself in the kitchen, and play a bit.

Find recipes you love, this is a simple yet very effective way to stay on track. I have a few go to recipes and I usually eat them at least once a week. When I was starting to change the way I ate the first meal that I found that I really enjoyed was a steak with peppers and onions. I found that a simple helping of Montreal Steak seasoning, a pan were all I needed for a great meal. Keeping some meat defrosted along with the veggies that I needed it made for a quick meal that I could put on the stove and eat in just a few minutes. Today this meal comes up about once every two weeks, but I have found a mix of seasonings for a Paleo friendly taco meat and I will make that most weeks to take to work for a couple days. Another great meal that I love is to make fish and Broccoli, so simple yet so delicious. Take some wild caught fish, add some broccoli a few seasonings, and put in the toaster oven on broil. A great post WOD meal because you can put it in, hop in the shower, and when you get out dinner is ready to be served. By using a little planning and some meals that you don’t get tired of you can always have something around to eat.

Secondly try new things. Starting Paleo there are countless foods that I would have never imagined that I would eat, much less enjoy and love a year later. Challenging myself kept things fresh and while there are still foods that I just can’t get behind I do try to experiment. Foods that I eat constantly like Broccoli when I started I absolutely could not stand. In the months since beginning to eat Broccoli I first learned to tolerate it, then I began to like it and now I eat at least a pound of it a week. New things are exciting, and mixing it up makes for some great meals.

Lastly enjoy yourself, play around, find recipes and make them your own. One of these is a shredded coconut griddle cake that I have been playing around with for months. I have changed it up many times, and seeing how it tastes different with different ingredients and preparations have been a great way for me to make breakfast a little different. Playing around and seeing what works for you will help you to stay on track easily. If it’s not fun, why would you do it right?

These ideas I hope are helpful for your, they have been helpful for me as I have tried to keep it interesting, and easy to stay on track. When you forget about some of these tools it’s easy to find yourself looking around and finding ways to stray from your plan. Keeping myself on track is always a concern but with just a few meals to look forward to it’s not difficult to pick a meal you love that’s paleo, over a meal that is just there.


2 thoughts on “Setting yourself up for success

  1. As someone on a journey to continually bettering my health, suggestions like finding better recipes are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the encouragement and good advice. As I find better healthier recipes I’ll let you know!

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