Front Squats – Movements I learned to love

This is actually a bit of a cheating post because I love all squats except for Overhead Squats, those guys can suck it. This post isn’t about that though, it’s actually another story that will involve Zack and it is about my work on the Front Squat and how I came to actually like doing them.

It wasn’t long into my getting out of the On-ramp class that I hit my first major block, my rack sucked. I still had a good amount of strength from all the years lifting, but I couldn’t do front squats with more than about 95 pounds because every time I went down I was up on toes and falling out of the lift forward. With a personality like mine this frustration just built up until one week we had a WOD with high rep Front Squats in it. The weight was light but I couldn’t string reps together to save my life. Over in the corner I pushed through the WOD but it was obvious that I was angry and that instead of feeling better I was only getting worse. It was at this point that Zack came over and started to help me with cues to make sure that I was getting the reps. I don’t think that up to this point Zack and I had really had much interaction but he stayed there, while other people finished and started to tell me that I could do it. I eventually finished and at the end Zack said that he was going to be there the next morning and that I should come by, there was going to be an open gym for Sunday and that I should swing by and work on my squats.

Coming in the next day Zack and I spent at least two hours talking about various sticking points I was having, he had me work on foot position, and stand facing the wall to make sure my butt was going out instead of me going forward. It didn’t happen overnight, but practicing my squat and with the things that Zack told my my front squat improved. Because I was able to improve my rack position and my front squat other movements started to get better too. It’s from this practice that I started to realize that I really liked to squat and that it was something that I could get better at. From that beginning where I couldn’t do more than 95 pounds or so before I left Capital City for the summer I put up a 275 Front Squat max, and I’m sure that today I could do even more.

Today I do some form of squats 2-3 times a week, and if you include all the full squat olympic lifts I do I’m squatting five days a week. You could say that it is one of the movements I do most, and while I’m not perfect at them yet I’m getting there. One day I’ll even get the Overhead Squat down, but that’s a whole different story.


3 thoughts on “Front Squats – Movements I learned to love

  1. We did OH squats today and they suck big time….but I did increase my 1RM OH squat max by 30lbs and did 3 reps at the new weight… I was pretty pumped….new max of 115lbs!!!

    • I am horrible at OHS, it’s one of the reasons that I struggle so much with the snatch. I front squat and back squat well, but just can’t keep my feet flat in the Overhead position.

      • Yeah…my snatches are not the greatest. It is a very odd movement for me. Not sure why…But, I just keep practicing in hopes that it gets better.

        I really enjoy reading your journey. It is very inspiring and motivating! Thanks for sharing…

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