Preaching Paleo

As I write this post I’m explaining Paleo to a friend. We are currently running through the normal list of objections that people tend to have when I talk about it to them. But generally they initiate the conversation. Almost always they look at me and assume there’s something that I have figured out that they haven’t. All they have to do is get me to share the magic that made me lose the weight and then they can copy it and it will work for them. I am happy to share but at the same time the entire process is overly frustrating on my part because they asked for this information and then proceed to complain to me that it is either A) too expensive B) too hard C) they can’t live without X or D) I’m not being honest with them and if I wasn’t going to tell them how to lose weight I shouldn’t have wasted their time. In the end I send them some links, give them advice, and try to offer them some of my thoughts from the last year. I have yet to actually have one person actually go Paleo, some people have done what I call “paleo in name only” where they say that they eat Paleo but when I look at their plate I spot at least 3 cheats.

Let me be clear, I love Paleo, and I will spend all the time it takes for me to try to help you understand why I think it is so awesome. For the first time in my life I really feel like I have a handle on what I put into my body and how it impacts me. I think that as a whole I am very in tune with my body and listen to what it is telling me throughout the day. I addressed the reasons why I love the diet previously but let me just give a few words on each of the reasons that these friends have given me for why I’m crazy for doing what I’m doing or just delusional for thinking that I should eat this way.

First, Paleo is not too expensive, I actually spend less on food now than I did before I went Paleo. I know you’re thinking but organic food is so expensive how can that be. Simple I almost never eat out anymore. I’m pretty strict about the food I eat, and I’m usually not going to pay restaurant prices for food that I feel is of a lower quality. So Since I used to eat out at least 70% of my meals and I don’t go out to eat hardly ever now it’s cheaper for me to be Paleo. So yes organic foods are more expensive than non-organic, but you save in the long run. Also since going Paleo I have not been sick one day. Not at all, taking care of my body and my body takes care of me, so think of including health care costs in there too.

Second it’s not too hard, stop being a baby. You cook now anyway, why can’t you make foods that are better for you? Oh, well if the only cooking you do now is taking something out of a box and putting it in the oven/microwave then you’re going to need to work on that but otherwise it isn’t that hard to be Paleo. It takes a little willpower and you have to put together a plan but still I don’t think that living Paleo is hard. It seems like I’m being a bit of a jerk here, and to be honest I kind of am, but this is by far the lamest excuse that I get when I talk about Paleo. This usually comes from someone that falls into the married and/or with kids category. Now for your spouse I will say that they are an adult and they can take or leave your new food choices but your kids are your kids. They don’t get to decide what food you buy or cook. If you decide to eat Paleo, your kids can eat it too, it won’t hurt them, in fact it will help them, and you know what chances are you were going to make your kids eat some things they didn’t want to anyway. How is this any different. So hopefully ends the part of the blog where I’m a jerk.

The third excuses I get when I preach Paleo is that I can’t live without X. I understand where my friends are coming from here, there are days that I miss some of the former foods that used to make up a big part of my food intake. Since we have passed a year it has been more than 12 months since I had any real Chicago pizza, also over a year since I’ve had actual ice cream, or a doughnut from Dunkin. So yes I feel your pain, you’re going to have to give some stuff up, but when I think about it you would be hard pressed to convince me that going back to the way I used to be was worth it for certain foods, even if that food was Lou Malnati’s Pizza.

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So in the end I’ve had great results from changing the kind of foods that I eat in the last year. If you ask me if it works I’ll tell you yes, and I’ll take the time to explain it to you, but please understand that you’ll likely use excuses that I’ve heard before and I even thought them for myself at some point. But I wouldn’t keep doing this if I didn’t think it was worth it, so if you really want to know more lets talk. Now if you’re one of my friends that thinks I’m crazy for eating this way and the real way to be healthy is to eat whatever your current favorite way to eat is, let’s just agree to disagree cause you can’t get me to change.


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