Strongman Sundays

Along the course of the year my friend Zack asked if I’d like to come in on some Sundays and do some Strongman stuff. Before this there really hadn’t been any programming on Sundays, sometimes there would be someone there for an open gym, sometimes not. I decided why not it would be a good time to mess around and do something different. These Sundays came to be one of my favorite parts of the week, as often as not I it was the most difficult one because you almost always had to learn what you were doing that day. Strongman Sundays as they came to be known included a mix of people from the box that were not usually at the same class during the week and the dynamic of the various people made for some hilarious interactions. Getting out of bed to go spend two hours at the box on a Sunday morning is not everyone’s cup of tea but I will tell you that when there were weeks that I was struggling I always looked forward to Sunday because I knew that it would cheer me up.

Sometimes people will ask me about why I think that showing up on Sundays and moving weird stuff around was such a help to me. When I answer that I try to avoid all the generic Crossfit answers about practicing functional fitness and doing varied workouts and it really comes down to one specific reason. It was fun, and it’s that one of the most important things when you think about why you want to do something. Showing up Sunday mornings I had no idea what we were going to do but I did know two things. Usually I was going learn something new, and there was going to be something hilarious happen. Things that I wouldn’t have learned if not for Zack and Strongman Sundays include, flipping tires, yolk carries, sledgehammer strikes, Turkish Get Ups, Sandbag runs, Keg lifts, Axle lifts. All of these things and many more were things that I was introduced to doing the strongman work, and each time I came away feeling better about myself because I had taken something new on. Even on weeks where things didn’t seem to be going right I could still look to those days when and I say that when I got to the gym I had no idea how to do such and such, but when I left I was able to do it and did it with whatever weight, or however many times. I went from never flipping tires to flipping a tire that weighed over 700 pounds. The confidence that the strongman work inspired in me was only one part of why I loved that time so much.

The Last Castle WOD

The second half of my love for getting up early on Sunday was the amazing people that never failed to inspire a moment of ridiculousness. I will point to what has to be my favorite Sunday morning story involving two of my favorite people at Capital City, Zack and Kelly. This particular Sunday we had were doing races that included a yolk carry at 1.5 body weight, burpees, an agility run, and a sprint. Now to do this we were taking the Yolk out of the box and into the parking lot, after putting the weight back on the rack you had to do 5 burpees on the concrete. As this was being explained to us Kelly decided to ask a question. She asks if it wouldn’t be better for us to do our burpees inside where there’s rubber mats on the floor to protect our hands and feet from the rough concrete. Some people might find this to be a valid question. There may even be people in the Crossfit community that would say sure let’s do them inside. Not Zack, without missing a beat he says “Harden the F*** up Kelly” and continues to explain how the races would work. I immediately lost it and had to walk away, previous to this that phrase was often said by Zack to me whenever he felt like I was being a girl in the box. Kelly is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and she really didn’t know how to take this affront to her sensibilities. Give it to her though, she rocked those burpees outside on the concrete.

Sunday became my favorite day of the week. I was always happy to get up, run around and do something crazy like say swing a sledgehammer and flip tires then jump on top of said tire. Thanks to everyone that came on Sundays for making it so fun, you know who you are. Many of you will be getting your own blog post about how awesome you are.


2 thoughts on “Strongman Sundays

  1. I love the idea of Strongman Sundays. It sounds like a lot of fun. Might have to suggest this to my Box. Were Sundays conducted with instruction first then a WOD following?? Or was it all instructional?? I like reading about your journey. Gives me continued motivation!!!

    • Every Sunday had a time of instruction where we worked on the movement we were doing if it was new to anyone in the group and practiced for everyone else and then went into the WOD. There was also usually a little bit of time figuring out weights for people since you are doing things you don’t normally do. Example would be doing a movement like a shoulder press with with an axle bar. Or changing from high to low bar squat. I was usually there about 2 hours and loved it.

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