A look through the year

    Inspired by a good online friend over on Tumblr CrossfitKarla and her update pictures I thought that I might go ahead and do the whole basic info update here.

July 2011 – 340lbs

Shirt 3-4xl Pants 46/32

July 2011

With the family, shirt is a 3XL

September 2011 – 280lbs

Shirt 2xl Pants 38-40/32

Shirt I bought in the UK I hadn’t been able to wear in over a year.

November 2011 – 260lbs

Shirt XL Pants 36/32

Thanksgiving with Grandma

December  2011 – 240lbs

Shirt L/XL Pants 36/32

Me rocking a pair of Baldwin Denim, one day I’ll drop the coin on a pair for myself.

January/February 2012 – 230lbs

Shirt L Pants 36/32-34

New year, new look

Birthday WOD, I turn the Dirty Thirty

March 2012 – 215lbs

Shirt L Pants 34/34

405lb carry

July 2012 – no weight – Since hitting 215 I no longer look at the scale.

Shirt L Pants 34/34

Working, no visitors in the park


3 thoughts on “A look through the year

    • Completely changed the way I look at food and went Paleo, also combined a new way of eating with a dedication to Crossfit. The combination of the two transformed my outlook on life and the way I approach my day. Now the things that matter most to me are dedicating myself to pushing hard in the gym and making sure that I am taking care of my body by eating the way that I should. It’s weird but those really are the things that I tend to focus on the most, I fit in the other parts of my day around those two goals.

  1. Steve it goes without saying you look excellent dude. It’s very admirable to see you so dedicated to your craft and diet. I will let you know that you’ve posted a couple of times when I felt like couching or sleeping in when I should be doing a ride or running. You’re a great motivation!

    Keep it up the good work! Bet the rugby team would kill to have you back!

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