Why Crossfit

This post and the next one will be a little different, instead of telling a single story I thought that as readers you might like to know the reasons why I chose the programs that I did.  So here goes my reasoning behind why I chose Crossfit and why I think that it worked so well for me.

 Asking myself why I chose Crossfit at first I shrugged my shoulders and went I don’t know even to myself.  Looking back on it a year later it kind of seems like it was just the way it was meant to be.  I’m sure that it was not the case and to be honest last year there were many times that I had major doubts as to my abilities when I looked at some of the other people doing the WODs around me. 

I guess the first reason why I chose to do Crossfit is because it’s not boring.  This is key, who really wants to do a boring workout routine all the time.   I had been there and done that.  Going into the Rec at school and sitting down on the bike to ride 20 miles, and then pushing some weights around wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore.  I had gone through various programs over the years, so more motivating than others but without a major competitive sport to train for it was hard to dedicate myself to two hours plus a day in the gym.  The hunt had begun for something that was going to be a change of pace from the programs I had been doing in the past. 

After a rugby match spring 2011


I was also looking to do new things; years of training based around competitive sports meant that I was very comfortable doing a few different movements with free weights and using a few machines.  I was used to going in and following a routine, ride the bike, do arms or legs, move to the machines for a bit, maybe do some dumbbell work and then do situps and go home.  I was interested in getting to try some of the things that I saw in Crossfit videos.  I had never done a pull-up in my life, and I also had never used a Kettle bell, some of the movements that were being done with barbells were completely foreign to me also.  So I wanted to learn how to do this stuff, it only made me more interested when I saw some of the strongman things that were being done in some of the workouts I saw online.  I knew I wanted to do this, but I couldn’t do it on my own.

Lastly, what I was looking for was someone else to do my programming as well.  It’s too easy to take it easy on yourself or only program things you’re good at if you get to choose what you want to do on any particular day.  Crossfit offered solutions to that problem as well, by having a WOD for the day I didn’t get to choose what I did or did not want to do.  Also knowing that I was going to be doing things that I wasn’t good at meant that I would have to get better at those things.  So as I was hunting around online I had begun to think that Crossfit might be the program for me, and I began to hunt for a place to try it out at.  Although I was skeptical at first at the length of many of the workouts I was seeing.   Having come from years of measuring my workout duration in hours I wasn’t sure that I could get the same benefits from such a short amount of time in the gym.  What I had been doing up to that point had not been working and at that point I figured what did I have to lose, I might learn some new things, and maybe even find that I enjoyed it. 

So I emailed Brian at Capital City Crossfit, he answered a few of my dumb questions, and encouraged me to come check it out.  He offered the first week free of charge if I didn’t like it then I had nothing to lose, except maybe a ton of sweat since there was no AC and it was July.  I figured why not and made my appointment, the rest of the story is what we are talking about here.  I could do many more posts about why I love Crossfit the way that I do, and why I think that it has been so beneficial to me, but I hope that the stories I tell over the course of this blog make that very clear.  Crossfit has helped me to transform myself in ways I never thought possible, and exceeded all my expectations for how it has impacted me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  There are not enough good things I can say about my experiences over the last year with Crossfit.


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