Moving forward

July 2011 was the start of something great, but like most things that are the beginning of something bigger in the moment it’s hard to realize what is going on.  That’s the way it was for the majority of my On-ramp experience into Crossfit.  I was going in for the three classes a week that are part of the program, learning movements and generally leaving feeling humbled every time.  I was not exactly sure what I was doing, I knew that the workouts where needed but I had real doubts about my ability to move past the introduction phase and start doing the normal WODs that I would see on the board everyday.  For me everything was scaled, from the number of reps, to the amount of weight, to the time I was given to complete exercises that month I didn’t do anything without some modification.  When you are as large as I was that’s to be expected looking back on it, but in the moment it really made me feel like unmanly.   Walking into the box each day I realized that there was a lot to learn, and that it was not going to come easy.  As the month progressed there were small victories, days that I began to see that there was a progression to what I was doing.  Getting that extra rep, or getting further in an AMRAMP gave me confidence going forward.  The encouragement of the people at Capital City was amazing and as I came to the end of my three weeks I had a choice to make.  One last week as August began and I had to make a choice, was Crossfit really the thing for me? What was going to be the path for me, I was days away from starting my time in the classroom student teaching, I had a mountain of uncertainty about what the future would bring, but I knew one thing, I was going to need something that I could count on everyday.  What better thing to set my schedule around than beating the living crap out of myself six times a week?  Six month membership here I come.  I talked to Brian, set myself up for six months and to make sure that I didn’t wuss out I paid for all six months up front.  I was ready to take on the fall.  The first month had been a challenge for me, high summer temperatures and learning new things had seen me struggle a lot.  There was going to be a lot more struggling before I started to see major victories but the truth was, that at the end of the first month I was already down a shirt size.  I had made it through four weeks of workouts and a new system of eating.  My weeks had been filled with change, and I was hooked, I was ready to see where the road ahead would lead.  Six months of Crossfit awaited me, I had two months till the wedding and I was looking at a massive unknown as I would step into the classroom to teach.  How would I hold up to the pressure of student teaching? I had no idea but I was counting on the people at Capital City Crossfit, the WODs, and my friends to help me move forward to graduate in December.  The months ahead made me doubt if I was up to the challenge, but I knew that I had to keep going, because at this point I already was sure of one thing, there was no going back.


One thought on “Moving forward

  1. I don’t deal well with not being able to do something. I’ve even cried at the gym when unable to do what seemed simple. Oddly, I would NEVER judge someone else that way. I think it’s great to expect a lot out of yourself and I’m so glad you didn’t let yourself get so discouraged that you gave up.

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